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About the program

One of the things many bloggers (including myself!) lack is time. We often have so much to do with so little of it! Earlier in my blogging journey, I’ve often found myself frustrated in my attempts to grow my blogging audience; I simply had very little time to create material to add value to my brand.

Cue, Premium Plr For Bloggers.

Years later I developed this brand where my focus is creating beautiful pre-made and custom material such as printables and templates, to help bloggers save time, increase the value of their brands, grow their audiences, and make money!

Whether you blog about blogging and love to share time-saving resources with your readers, or whether you have a blog in a different niche and simply enjoy providing your audience with practical material to help them in their day to day lives, we’d love to have you join our money-making affiliate team!

You can share our digital products and services with your readers and add to your income every month!

Here are the details!

→Make 20% per sale for our exclusive and semi-exclusive printables (avg. order value is $30)

→Make 35% per sale for our non-exclusive printables (avg. order value is $30)

→Make 20% per sale for our custom work (avg. order value is $103)

→Make 10% per sale for our Pinterest related products

To join our affiliate program simply fill out this form below and I’ll be in touch!