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Welcome to the Allure Digital Design Affiliate Team!

Have you read your Affiliate Program Agreement? If not, please do so here:

Percentage breakdown

→Make 20% per sale for our exclusive and semi-exclusive printables (avg. order value is $30)

→Make 35% per sale for our non-exclusive printables (avg. order value is $30)

→Make 20% per sale for our custom work (avg. order value is $103)

→Make 12.5% per sale for our Google Web Stories

→Make 10% per sale for our Pinterest related products

***Please note the following:
→ An exclusive printable means that it is a single product sold to a single buyer
→ A semi-exclusive printable refers to a printable sold to several buyers, usually up no more than 6
→ A non-exclusive printable refers to a printable sold to an unlimited number of buyers
→Custom work refers to any services requested that are not available on the website (also includes custom printables)

Below are info, suggestions, and images to help you in your affiliate marketing.

How to get your affiliate links

  1. Login to your Affiliate Area where you will be able to access everything you need including your payment information and marketing materials.
  2. To grab your link, simply head over to Creatives and copy the link of your choice.
  3. Or you can go to your Affiliate URLs

How to make sales!

Promotion ideas:

  • You can write a review of my products
  • You can feature one (or more!) of my products as an add-on/freebie to your one of your posts
  • You can add banners or links to your email campaigns
  • You can publish a pin on Pinterest using your affiliate link
  • You can promote my products in your Facebook group(s)
  • You can add my ad banners to your emails, blog posts, sidebar, etc…
  • Promote it on your website’s announcement bar
  • Promote it in a “must have resources” list for bloggers

The possibilities are endless!

You can also make your own graphics to fit your branding as long as the integrity of my product graphics remain the same.

If you have any questions, email me at affiliates@alluredigitaldesign.com


Mallaury Agyei, Founder of Allure Digital Design